Primary School

We believe there is no limit to what your child can achieve. We ignite your child’s curiosity and tell them to reach for their dreams, to step outside their comfort zones.

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Earlybird Primary School is a primary day and boarding school that offers 8-4-4 and Competency Based Curriculum (C.B.C).

For admission into Grade 1, your child should be at least 6 years of age. All learners joining Grade 1-8 undertake an entrance interview in order to ascertain their learning gaps – if any.

What You Need To Know



Earlybird Primary has several school buses that ply from School to Machakos area and its environs. Please see attached Transport route and charges [here].


Our Boarding learners enjoy the state-of-art laundry where their clothes are washed on a daily basis. The laundry room has a dryer which can dry the clothes on cloudy days. Ironing is also done for learners to maintain high levels of grooming.


At Earlybird School, our school bakery is able to meet the demands for snacks that are provided to our learners every day. Such snacks include Bread, Scones/Buns, sweet potatoes, mandazi’s etc.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool at Earlybird Schools consists of a 25m by 13m (big pool) and a baby pool of 6m by 4m. All learners are encouraged to take up swimming in order to gain a very important life-saving skill!

Our learners are given early appreciation of ICT to equip them with skills of the fast-moving tech world in which they are ultimately expected to serve and positively contribute to. We endeavour to lay a firm foundation as enshrined in a Motto of “The Right Start”.

Learning approach

Earlybird Primary school has a firm Christian foundation and uses a holistic approach that is, academic, physical and spiritual attributes in developing learners skills.

At Earlybird Schools, we give our learners the opportunity to do the following:

Boarding school life

Earlybird boarding is regarded as an integral part of the School as it provides accommodation and therefore the opportunity for learners to experience the specific advantages that Earlybird Primary Day & Boarding school provides. The Boarding is in a modern complex, more like a hotel facility than a boarding school, and is our pride and joy.

The boarding accommodates both girls and boys boarders( Each have their separate wing). Every cubicle houses 4 learners and there are six washrooms on each floor with a solar shower system that provides hot shower.

Every cubicle has inbuilt drawers in which learners store their personal effects.

For boarders, the Boarding is a home-away-from-home that seeks to assist them to achieve peace of mind and to provide them with an opportunity to develop socially in the company of other learners of similar ages. There are also opportunities to develop sporting and cultural skills and to achieve a high level of each learners’ desire. For information on boarding, kindly get in touch with us and we can give you a tour.


There are various activities that keep our learners engaged throughout the term besides the academic aspects.

We have various sporting facilities such as: Basketball court, Netball, Football, Rugby, Swimming, Athletics.

Besides sporting activities, our learners are also involved in Music lessons (which encompass learning various instruments like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Recorder, Trumpet), Agriculture club, Scouts & Tae-kwondo.

Download admission forms

The admission forms are available from the reception office. They can also be found [here].

All admission forms should be fully filled in, and duly signed as well as the required documentation required before admission is accepted.

Medical form: The medical form should also be filled in to facilitate learners with special medical issues as well as to capture medical insurance details.