Kindergarten – Kathome Campus

Parents choose Earlybird education because we offer academic, social and personal success for every learner.


Earlybird Kathome kindergarten has Daycare, P.P.1 and P.P.2 classes.

Kathome kindergarten is based under the Primary School in Kathome, 3km off Mombasa/Machakos Junction, toward Machakos Town.

Our learners are taken care of by professional teachers who follow the Competency Based Curriculum (C.B.C).

School trips are organised for the Early Years of Education learners in Term 1 or Term 2.

Our learners favorite and popular school Fun Day is also organised Yearly!

Upon successful completion of P.P.2, learners attend their first graduation ceremony as they are ushered into Grade 1.

What You Need To Know

Learning approach

The learning approach at Eastleigh is one that incorporates:
What You Need To Know

Why choose Earlybird Kindergarten

Earlybird Kindergarten is a truly multi-lingual entity where children of diverse cultural background forms a unified school community that proudly reflects the face of Kenya.

Our shared vision, commitment and energy ensures that the success of every learner in the school is guaranteed. We have established high standards of academic achievement which have earned us accolades befitting that status.

Indeed, our educational program has been created with emphasis on development of the whole person. We aim at providing direction, counsel and support that each child needs to reach his/her full potential.

We serve hot meals including a snack from our own bakery including porridge which is served at 3pm.

On the physical side, our school environment is the pride of every child learner. It is kept neat and tidy providing high levels of hygiene. This coupled with a friendly teacher/learner relationship creates a fulfilling base for nurturing responsible future leaders.

Download admission forms

The admission forms are available from the reception office. They can also be found [here].

All admission forms should be fully filled in, and duly signed as well as the required documentation required before admission is accepted.

Medical form: The medical form should also be filled in to facilitate learners with special medical issues as well as to capture medical insurance details.