Friendly Soccer Matches at Kyemutheke Junior School

On June 12th, 2024, our school was honored to be invited for a friendly match at Kyemutheke Junior School. The day was filled with excitement and sportsmanship as our students participated in two thrilling soccer games.

Game Results:

  • Soccer Boys: Our boys’ team showcased their impressive skills and teamwork, securing a victory with a score of 4-2.
  • Soccer Girls: Our girls’ team demonstrated great determination and strategy, winning their match with a close score of 1-0.

We are pleased to report that there were no injuries during the matches. Our learners had a wonderful time mingling and making new friends with the students from Kyemutheke Junior School. The day was a fantastic opportunity for our students to build camaraderie and sportsmanship.

We look forward to more such friendly matches and continued collaboration with Kyemutheke Junior School. Well done to all our players for their excellent performance and sportsmanship!

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