Fun Day 2023

The annual school fun day this year took place on 22nd September 2023.

On this particular day, learners came to school full of joy and excitement and couldn’t wait to see what the day held. From the erected climbing wall, the bouncing castles, the trampolines, the GP karts and the rolling trains one thing was clear, no learning was going to take place today and the pupils couldn’t be happier.

From 8.00AM to 4.00PM the learners moved from one activity to another. These activities included swimming, boat riding, wall climbing, puppet show, face painting, train riding, fashion show among others. You could tell that the learners were enjoying every moment of the day from the radiant smiles on their faces.

At 4.00 PM the learners left the school happy though exhausted from all the fun they had had ready to do it again next year.

By Jackline Mwende

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