Grade 8 Nakuru Trip (28th to 29th June 2023)

Grade 8 learners embarked on their two- day Nakuru trip in the Rift Valley on 28th June 2023. The choice of this location fell in line with the school’s preference of visiting places of natural importance.

The class of 96 students was accompanied by; their four class teachers, their social studies teacher, the deputy head teacher and the head teacher. The convoy of three school buses left the school at exactly 5.00 am in the morning.

The learners first visited the Rift Valley viewpoint where they enjoyed beautiful sceneries such as the escarpments of the Rift Valley, Volcanic mountains on the floor such as Mt. Longonot and Mt. Suswa. They also relished the view of Rift Valley lakes for instance, L. Elementaita, L.Nakuru, as well as L. Naivasha.

The team proceeded to Nakuru where they had breakfast at Nakuru Breeze hotel before visiting the Lake Nakuru National Park. Here they observed wild animals such as lions, black and white rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes and the famous Flamingo birds. The team left the park at around 4PM for a brief lunch but due to heavy downpour the remaining activities of the day were postponed to the following day.

The second day activities commenced very early in the morning. At 7AM after breakfast the team headed to Menengai Crater, the students saw the caldera and several volcanic eruptions at the crater. The learners then proceeded to Geothermal Spa where they witnessed the geothermal hot springs and how the heat is used to produce electricity. Later the people had recreation at the Geothermal Spa where they swam in the hot water swimming pool. Afterwards they proceeded to have lunch at the shores of L. Naivasha.

After lunch the learners boarded their buses and started the long journey back home.

The Grade 8 learners and their teachers are grateful to God for protection, their parents for unwavering support and the school management for organizing such educational and recreational trip.

Compiled by, Tr. David Maundu

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