Grade 1 educational school trip, 2023

Educational trips are a vital component of the curriculum, aimed at providing learners with practical exposure to real-life situations, fostering a break from classroom monotony, and enhancing enjoyment in learning. During such trips, learners are expected to remain observant and inquisitive, seeking to acquire more knowledge.

The school management organized a well-coordinated trip, with the guidance of great teachers, namely Tr. Iren K., Tr. Anna, Tr. Janet, and Tr. Muinde, led by the Lower Primary Head Teacher, Tr. Lucy Kinuthia. The learners had a chance to visit the Animal Orphanage, where they were divided into four different groups, and had an opportunity to observe various animals, including lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, zebras, buffalos, mongooses, and birds, such as crown birds.

At noon, the learners proceeded to the Lunar Park in Kiambu Road, and on arrival, they were filled with excitement. The learners enjoyed various fun activities, including riding on the merry-go-round, train, boat, and driving kids’ cars. They also had a delicious meal of chips, sausages, and a bottle of soda, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, they had face painting done, which made them look even more pleasant.

At around 3:00 pm, the learners commenced their journey back to school, and they arrived at the school premises at 4:30 pm. The learners were pleased with their experiences, and the day ended well. The parents picked up their children from school, concluding a memorable and enjoyable trip.

In summary, the educational trip organized by the school management and teachers was well-coordinated and provided the learners with an opportunity to learn outside the classroom. The learners had an exciting experience observing wild animals and engaging in various fun activities, which enhanced their learning and enjoyment. Such educational trips are instrumental in broadening learners’ perspectives and promoting an enjoyable learning environment.

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