Grade 2 educational school trip, 2023

On Thursday, March 9th, learners and four teachers from grade two class embarked on an educational trip to Nairobi National Park and an orphanage, followed by a visit to the Lunar amusement park for recreational activities. The group departed from the school at 8:30 am, and upon arrival at the national park, the learners had an opportunity to witness some of the wild animals, including birds, which proved to be an adventurous experience.

The trip was perceived to be a continuation of the learners’ classwork, which provided them with a practical perspective and exposure to real-life situations. The learners enjoyed engaging in various fun activities at the Lunar amusement park, and lunch was served in between these activities, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

At the conclusion of the trip, the learners returned safely to the school, with the journey back to school starting at 3:30 pm and ending at 4:52 pm. The success of the trip was evident from the learners’ positive feedback, and they expressed their gratitude to the administration for organizing such a meaningful and exciting experience. The grade two class expressed their appreciation to their headteacher, Tr. Lucy, for her unwavering support and guidance throughout the day.

In summary, the educational trip to Nairobi National Park and Lunar amusement park was a resounding success, and it provided the learners with a platform to learn and experience the real world. It is evident that such trips play a crucial role in the learners’ development, and they should be encouraged and embraced by all educational institutions.

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