Grade 8 county assembly visit

The sports council had a great time planning and running the inter house competition that was held on 28th June 2022 for lower primary and 29th June 2022 for Upper Primary in the playground.

There are six houses in the school namely; Simba, Kifaru, Ndovu, Nyati, Twiga and Chui.

The games that took place on the day were; volleyball, basketball, handball, football, athletics and obstacle activities. Each activity was very exciting. Learners were very jovial and had a lot of energy cheering for their teams. They were eagerly waiting for final results and each house was wishing to emerge the winner on that day.

Our final results were as follows;
1. Chui – 2250 points
2. Ndovu – 2480 points
3. Kifaru – 2360 points
4. Nyati – 2260 points
5. Twiga – 2160 points
6. Simba – 1770 points

It was a great day full of fun, teamwork and excitement for our learners. The inter- house sport was exhilarating. Bravo to our learners.

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