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"The Right Start"

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Quality education without compromise

Earlybird Schools’ mission and vision is enshrined in our motto – “The right start”.

Our Vision: To be the lead performing and friendly institution of learning in Machakos County and beyond.

Our Mission: To create an enabling environment where learner competencies are identified and nurtured for posterity.

Earlybird Schools mode of teaching follows the Competency Based Curriculum (C.B.C) from PP1 to Grade 5 in line with the ministry of education implementation of the new curriculum. Grade 6 to 8 is still using the 8.4.4 system which will soon be phased out as C.B.C is fully implemented by 2025.

We trust you will make time to visit our respective schools and see for yourself why we have a reputation in Machakos County and beyond. Karibu sana!

Our Story



Earlybird Schools opened its first branch at Eastleigh campus on 14th January 2008 with Eight learners, 3 teachers, 1 cook and 1 guard.


We then embarked in opening a Primary school which happened on 4th January 2010. The first cohort of Grade 1 learners were admitted in Eastleigh Kindergarten empty classes where they stayed up to January 2013, at this point the first class were in Grade 4.


They then shifted to the new location in Kathome- now the Primary School In this January 2013 migration, Grade 1 learners were left behind at the request of parents (fear of change) but in May 2013( Second Term), the class too joined others in Kathome, marking a clear separation of Kindergarten and Primary School that has been maintained hitherto.


Our third Campus, Mumbuni Kindergarten School located in Mumbuni area, opened its doors on 4th January 2016 with 14 learners, 3 teachers, 1 cook and 1 security guard.
Our teachers and parents have been at the forefront of this success and we are grateful for their dedication and focus they undertook to make Earlybird school the “Right Start” for learners across Machakos county and beyond!Earlybird Primary School has since introduced a boarding facility, transport services, a dining hall, ICT lab, School library, Music and Art centres, staff accommodation, swimming pool and a school playing field among others.


Grade 4 of 2013 continued in Earlybird School upto Grade 8 when the school did their first KCPE in 2017! KCPE pioneer class had 15 candidates and attained a mean grade of 371 marks!!The impressive KCPE mean score remained unchallenged for a couple of years. Subsequent results were as follows:
2017 - 371.1
2018 - 365.0
2019 - 364.5
2020 - 365.1


Earlybird Primary School produced the best performing K.C.P.E candidate in Machakos county in 2020. The boy has 426 marks!


Earlybird Junior Secondary School construction begins.

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