Grade 1 educational school trip, 2023

Educational trips are a vital component of the curriculum, aimed at providing learners with practical exposure to real-life situations, fostering a break from classroom monotony, and enhancing enjoyment in learning. During such trips, learners are expected to remain observant and inquisitive, seeking to acquire more knowledge. The school management organized a well-coordinated trip, with the […]

Grade 2 educational school trip, 2023

On Thursday, March 9th, learners and four teachers from grade two class embarked on an educational trip to Nairobi National Park and an orphanage, followed by a visit to the Lunar amusement park for recreational activities. The group departed from the school at 8:30 am, and upon arrival at the national park, the learners had […]

Grade 3 educational school trip, 2023

Educational trips are part of the curriculum and are made to expose learners to real life situations, break the class monotony and also for enjoyment. During trips learners are expected to be very observant and inquisitive so as to acquire more knowledge. The trip was organized by the school management and grade three teachers (Tr. […]