Swimming competition at Brighton International School

At EarlyBird School sports are given equal importance as academics. On 5th November 2022 our school swimmers attended swimming competition at Brighton International School. We had swimmers from year 6 to year 14.

Ten teams attended the competition:

  1. EarlyBird School
  2. Lukenya Academy
  3. Nova Pioneer Tatu City
  4. Brighton International School
  5. Dashing Dolphins
  6. Seahorses Aquatic Centre
  7. Makini Schools
  8. Wadidegla
  9. Salle Catholic School
  10. Acacia Crest Academy

Enthusiasm and excitement could be seen everywhere. It was a great opportunity for the students to display their sterling swimming skills.

Everyone performed exceptionally well

Our girls emerged position 5 out of 10 while our boys emerged position 8 out of 10. Bravo to all our students!! Overall it was a very enjoyable and successful day.

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